bite + sip : hello spring & rhubarb

unruly things | bite + sip : rhubarb pie

happy first day of Spring, friends! while it may be sunny and just gorgeous outside here, it still doesn’t feel quite like Spring yet with temps in the 40s. so I did what any normal Spring-loving gal does to welcome Spring: I made strawberry rhubarb pie and rhubarb simple syrup. you can find the pie recipe I used here.

since I’m pregnant, and not doing any cocktail drinking anymore, I’ve taken to making mocktails. but Levi still enjoys a well shaken whiskey sour so I made a little rhuby version for him last night with some homemade rhubarb syrup. I did have a sip, you know, to make sure it was safe for consumption, and it was mighty delicious! so quick, go find some rhubarb at the farmers market or grocery store and whip one up to welcome Spring. or if you’re pregnant like me, or liquor just isn’t your thing, mix it with a little limeade and fizzy water for a refreshing treat.

unruly things | bite + sip : rhubarb cocktails

rhubarb simple syrup
4 cups of rhubarb
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of water

• combine everything in a heavy-bottomed sauce pan and bring to a boil. lower the heat to a simmer and cook about 20 minutes. remove from heat and allow to cool for a bit. then pour into a fine strainer {I used our nut milk bag} that has been placed over a large bowl or other heat-safe jar. squeeze to strain the syrup from the solid pulp. bottle and refrigerate until ready for use.

rhubarb whiskey sour
makes 1 drink
2 oz of rhubarb syrup
2 oz of whiskey {we prefer Bulleit Bourbon}
2 oz of fresh squeezed lemon juice

• pour all the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously until mixed. serve over ice in a rocks glass.

{photos by Alyson Brown for Unruly Things}


show me your stack : michelle fantaci

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Michelle Fantaci

oh how I missed this series. didn’t you? today’s stack comes from a recently new-to-me-designer named Michelle Fantaci. she has a brilliant collection of gems, and her rings are just stunning. here’s what Michelle has to say about her stack…

I don’t wear the same rings everyday.  I change them up a lot, more than other jewelry.  Since they are stackable, they invite playing with different combinations.
I wore this ring combination on a day I had a meeting that called for some extra good luck or armor.
The sapphire ring is one of a kind due to the gemstone.  Natural sapphires are rare and this is a color change sapphire as well. The rope ring and diamond band are wedding rings I made for myself.  The cross ring is the first piece I made for my line.  The thorn ring is fun as a midi ring but I mostly wear it as a pinky ring.  The rings on my index finger have fancy grey and yellow diamonds.  I love fancy colored diamonds because they have fire like white diamonds but are more unexpected.  The diamond band on my middle finger is a wedding band in my line and has stunningly bright diamonds.

so thoughtful! thanks so much Michelle!


little things : here comes number two!!

Unruly Things | here comes #2!

get ready world – this kid is going to be a big brother!! I’m due mid-September with our second child and could not be more thrilled. I posted this pic on Instagram over the weekend and I know many of you already guessed it. it’s difficult to hide when you’ve got babies on the brain. plus I’ve popped so much sooner with baby #2 than with Wolf so I’ll share a bump pic soon. as I enter my second trimester, I’m feeling much more alive and I’ve finally gotten my energy back. to be perfectly honest, so far this pregnancy has been even easier than the first {which was pretty easy in itself!} Wolf is pretty excited, for as much as we think he really understands. he’s convinced he’s going to get a baby sister and tries to peek down my shirt to find her. me, I think it’s a little boy. we’ll find out for sure late April.

I’ve got a few exciting kiddo related partnerships coming up this year and I can’t wait to share more with you next week.

this is looking to be a wonderful year, friends!


currently coveting : everything yoga from athleta

unruly things | currently coveting : everything yoga from Athleta

a few weeks ago, I received a catalog from Athleta and was taken by all the beautiful clothing for workout and beyond. the yoga collection is just perfect. it’s quite like what I wear on a regular basis, between yoga practice and chasing around a toddler and filled with bright color and comfortable fabrics galore. have a peek.

plus, mini yoga and more beautiful yoga inspiration.

unruly things | currently coveting : everything yoga from Athleta unruly things | currently coveting : everything yoga from Athleta

a few of my favorites : sugar rush tophidden agenda tank / lift you up tank / retreat chaturanga tight / get centered mat



show me your stack : wing yau

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Wing Yau, WWAKE

I’ve got a new stack photo to share with you today, friends! it’s been SO LONG since I’ve shared one with you that new readers may not even know about the series. I took a break over the holidays and have been collecting new beauties to feature. first up is Wing Yau, owner of WWAKE. I first discovered Wing’s amazing work via Instagram and I’m so happy I did. I’m a die hard fan of hers and her jewelry is just stunning. her latest collection features a beautiful combination of opals and diamonds. have a look and here’s what Wing has to say about her stack…

These are my everyday rings. WWAKE rings are designed to compliment each other, no matter the arrangement. My personal favorites are the plain gold rings because their textures are minimal, and wearing them all together has your eyes focus on the negative space between them. The same ideas apply to my pave and opal series, and though I love them, I prefer my daily wear to be on the understated side!

thank you SO much for sharing your stack, Wing! I can’t wait to add one of your jewels to my stack. do you or someone you know have an amazing stack that you’d like to share? submit photos of your ring adorned fingers to hello {at} unruly-things {dot} com.


little things : pinning with Diapers.com

unruly things | little things : photo of The Brown Family by Leah Verwey

I’ve partnered with Diapers.com for a month long Pinterest campaign in which I’ll be sharing my favorite necessities for the littlest member of your family. from adorable onesies and tiny wooden toys to nursery decor and baby gear, there will sure be lots of wonderful things for you to discover. follow along if you’d like!

these photos are from our early days with Wolf. he was so small! hard to believe he’ll be three in just a few short months.

unruly things | little things : photo of The Brown Family by Leah Verwey unruly things | little things : photo of The Brown Family by Leah Verwey

{photos for Alyson Brown by Leah Verwey}