show me your stack : allison burt-tilden

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Allison Burt-Tilden

hi friends! I hope you’re enjoying the stack series this year. there have sure been some lovely ones! today’s lovely stack comes from Portland reader, Allison Burt-Tilden. here’s what she has to say about her stack…

Starting on the left side of my left hand is my wedding set, both rings are platinum and from local Portland jewelers, Equinox. My Mother-In-Law has been using Equinox since the 70′s and steered my husband there when he told her he was planning to propose to me. I am sooo picky about jewelry but he chose my engagement ring out on his own, knowing only that I preferred “Victorian” styles. I was so impressed with his choice that I never considered looking for anything else, even though he insisted it was fine with him if I wanted to. The band was hand-engraved in England, and I did pick that one out as my husband wanted me to choose it myself. I got the thinnest band they had because I felt keeping things simple was best. 

Moving over to my next finger, I am wearing a midi ring from Aoko Su and an Ojo ring from Ay Marieke, a Portland based line. I met Ay Marieke designer, Marika Emerson, a few months ago when I interviewed her for my blog. She is beyond sweet and her designs really speak to me. I was super drawn to the Ojo ring in particular due to it’s slightly mystical feeling. Not a day goes by that I don’t wear it!

On my right hand are two more Aoko Su stacking rings on my thumbs, and an Aoko Su midi above my sea urchin band by Lauren Wolfe. I’ve had that one for a few years now and absolutely love it as it reminds me of visiting the beach with my Dad, something we did a lot when I was a kid. Under that is a rounded white gold band, a gift from my Mom about ten years ago. I actually misplaced it until about a year ago and when I found it I decided it had to be worn with the sea urchin band. In fact, I have tried but just can’t wear one without the other now!

thanks Allison! such beautiful rings and I’m totally digging that tattoo! do you or someone you know have an amazing stack that you’d like to share? submit photos of your ring adorned fingers to hello {at} unruly-things {dot} com.


little things : the second registry

Unruly Things | Wolf : picture by Leah Verwey for Alyson Brown

did you put together a registry for your second child? most times you create a baby registry the first time around so that your friends and family can help you out by purchasing the things you need for your new bundle of joy. but the second time around, since most likely you’ve got most of what you need already, I’ve always wondered about the social awkwardness of a second registry. (more…)


bite + sip : bibimbap

unruly things | bite + sip : bibimbap

have you ever heard of bibimbap? it’s a signature Koren dish that’s super tasty. the word literally means “mixed rice” and it’s served in a bowl with mixed veggies, your meat of choice and a fried egg on top. I had it for the first time a week or so ago at one of my favorite local spots and it’s pretty much the best thing I’ve tasted recently.

a few days ago, I set out to recreate the meal with this recipe from Bon Appétit and was not disappointed. I thought it would be super time consuming, having to create all the separate veggies, but it wasn’t too bad. I slightly altered the recipe by using Brussels spouts rather than spinach, omitted the zucchini and didn’t add any meat. {though I would have added tofu if I’d had any!} it was so good!! try it and enjoy!


frances may spring lookbook + new site

Unruly Things | Frances May Spring Lookbook

Frances May is and always has been one of my very favorite shops. when I lived in Portland, I popped in on a regular basis to check out the latest and to chat with the shop gals. now that I’m living in Bend, I often check the website to see whats new. just last week Frances May launched a brand new website, with larger images to view all the beautiful things they carry in the shop!

these images are a little sneak peek of the Spring Lookbook, to debut soon. gorgeous, right? keep an eye out on their site for the rest of the new Spring arrivals.

Unruly Things | Frances May Spring Lookbook

{images courtesy of Frances May}


show me your stack : jivita harris-casey

Unruly Things / Show Me Your Stack :: Jivita Harris-Casey

sorry for the late post today! thankfully it’s a stack post I know you’ll love. today’s killer stack comes from Jivita Harris-Casey, a jewelry designer and mama to two wonderful little boys. here’s what she has to say about her stack…

The grouping changes pretty regularly, depending on the mood and sometime the nail color! They are all sterling silver rings from my collections. The open almost eye shape on the far pinky is the newest design and is called burnt water. Its shape was inspired in part by navaho rug weavings, and specifically a weaving style from the 70’s, where this ring gets its name. The stack with the lapis and snake textured pyramid is a combination I wear almost daily. The Path rings were inspired from the brick roads in Europe. I loved the way different brick work and cobblestones would intersect and create these amazing patterns. I designed several patterns so that the wearer could always be creating and changing their path. The large bezel set stone stackers and pyramids add a little sculpture to the combinations. On the other hand I have a one of a kind sapphire, gold and silver ring that I absolutely love paired next to one of my Path Rings set with tiny amethyst and nestled between hammered gold-fill bands. I don’t always wear rings when I am working at the bench, but when I don’t have my hands on my tools I love to stack on the jewelry!

love that polish and love that stack! thanks Jivita!


unruly things + seventh generation

Unruly Things for Seventh Generationhi friends! exciting news to share with you today. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve partnered with Seventh Generation to help spread the word about their Toxic Freedom Fighter Campaign. Seventh Generation has worked for 25 years towards creating healthy home by delivering plant derived products using bio-based ingredients. we’ve been using Seventh Generation products in our home for almost a year now and haven’t looked back. I feel so much safer knowing that I’m not dousing my home with chemicals while cleaning. especially with little ones in tow!



mama things : hatch collection

unruly things | mama things : hatch collection

good morning friends! and happy Monday. I hope you had a lovely weekend. as you know, on Mondays I usually run a category called little thingssince I’m pregnant with our second child, I thought I’d also include a mama things category where I can share fashion, advice and tips for mamas.

what better way to kick off this category than with the new spring line from Hatch Collection. I’ve always been such a fan of Hatch Collection and the spring line is just perfect. that jumper, those cropped pants, and of course, that sweep dress are just a few of my favorites.

unruly things | mama things : hatch collection unruly things | mama things : hatch collection unruly things | mama things : hatch collection