gift guide : for the jewelry lover

unruly things | gift guide : for the jewelry lover

as you well know, I’m a true jewelry lover.  you’ve seen in it through my many, many posts about rings and other sparkling things.  what better than to create an entire gift guide directed toward the jewelry lover?  here are some of my favorite glittering gifts:

one : odette hex plane cuff / two : in god we trust hammered bar studs / three : tiro tiro plena necklace / four : blanca monros gomez tiny oval studs / five : a one-of-a-kind resting place for her jewelry from bailey doesn’t bark / six : jennie kwon black diamond cuff ring / seven : satomi kawakita textured black diamond ring / eight : rebecca minkoff mini bar studs / nine : quarry iridescent sekine necklace / ten : satomi kawakita mini starburst studs {10% off all necklaces and earrings at Satomi Kawakita until Dec 18 with coupon code HOLIDAY2013} / eleven : iosselliani brass graphic ring stack / twelve : parts per million turquoise inlay bangle / thirteen : julie cohn talisman earrings / fourteen : abj glassworks little glass prism for keeping gems safe / fifteen : bario neal apatite bezel studs {from my own wishlist!} / sixteen : scosha braided wax bracelet

more of the 2013 gift guide each day this week!  see the 2012 gift guide right here.

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gift guide : something for the kiddos

unruly things | gift guide : something for the kids

when it comes to gifts this year for Wolf, we’re attempting to adopted the age old tradition of giving him something he wants, something he needs, something to wear and something to read.  it keeps things simple and also practical when it comes to gifting.  each time we’ve asked Wolf what he wants Santa to bring him for Christmas, he’s responded with jingle bells.  cute, right?  here’s a few gifts for the littlest in your family.

one : a cozy flannel shirt to keep him warm at the playground / two : the sweetest rattle to entertain the wee one on your list / three : the best striped socks that won’t fall off little feet / four : a saucer sled for hours of outdoor fun / five : a mini snowboard to start ‘em young / six : cars galore so they’ll be zooming in their dreams / seven : toasty sweats for lounging around / eight : a little jingle here / nine: a little jingle there / ten : and a little more jingle here / eleven : pull back cars in a variety of colors / twelve : lined boots to keep their feet toasty warm / thirteen : a puzzle to play with on Christmas morning / fourteen : the perfect black beanie, that just happens to match moms / fifteen : a starry night to hang in their room

stay tuned for more from the 2013 gift guide this week!  see the 2012 gift guide right here.

{watercolor gift tag by Lauren Spencer King for Unruly Things}


gift guide : deck your halls or gifts for your holiday host

unruly things  |  gift guide : deck the halls

hooray for the 2013 gift guides!!!  this year we’re hosting Christmas in our house and I could not be more thrilled.  we’ve invited anyone in our family who can to spend Christmas with us.  in years past, I’ve never felt like I should really decorate a ton since we weren’t going to be here to enjoy it but this year I’m stoked to totally deck the halls.

when do you decorate for Christmas?  do you start before Thanksgiving?  wait until the turkey is finished?  or put it off until the last minute?  we’ll start decorating next week, as soon as we’re back in town from Thanksgiving in Idaho.

one : fresh garland to hang over the mantle or entry way / two : tiny globe ornaments to decorate the tree / three : a set of doggies to join your animal ornaments / four : snow dusted pinecones / five : rosy red felt garland for the tree / six : led tea lights so your toddler won’t burn himself with real candles / seven : a cozy merino throw to snuggle up with / eight : the prettiest wreath for your door / nine : a lantern to add to your camp-inspired holiday decor / ten : tiny vintage Christmas houses, all lined up in a row / eleven : Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer because you just can’t live without him / twelve : The Scrawny Little Tree to add to your holiday books / thirteen : The Night Before Christmas, for starting new traditions / fourteen : gold ribbon for tying up packages / fifteen : golden deer to prance around your dining table / sixteen : globe lights to string outside / seventeen : a gingerbread man stocking for the littlest in your family / eighteen : and another stocking just for kicks

stay tuned for more from the 2013 gift guide next week!  see the 2012 gift guide right here.

{watercolor gift tag by Lauren Spencer King for Unruly Things}




home progress : that rug

unruly things  |  home progress : area rug

last week I posted about some of our simple living solutions, some that we’re currently doing and some that we’re hoping to carry on in our quest for a new home.  until we find that perfect home, we’re trying to work with the space we’ve got.  after the holidays we’re planning on really diving into some of those simple living room updates that I posted about.  but to start with, we just got this incredible area rug and it’s amazing how much it brightens up the space.  isn’t it the most perfect area rug for a little play area?  I can’t decide if we’ll leave it out or wait until we’re settled in a new home, but I have to say, I’m liking the vibe in here now!  so cheerful.

unruly things  |  home progress : area rug

{photos by Alyson Brown.  area rug c/o Medallion Rugs.  if you haven’t been to their site, it’s a must – their selection is impeccable.}