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photographer spotlight: adie faye altman

I mentioned that there would be a bonus photographer spotlight this week and today’s photographer is not only a really special one, but she’s such a cutie and truly inspiring. it’s always the tiniest things that inspire me. full of youth and innocence, she has definitely learned a lot from her lovely mother. I love her polaroids of every day things in her life. her name is Adie Faye. she loves her Polaroid named Polly. she is four years old. check out her polaroid blog, Adie love Polly.


what first sparked your interest in photography:
because I thought it would be a fun thing to do.what was your first camera:
polly the polaroidfavorite thing to photograph:
my friends and my baby sistersfavorite artist/photographer:
my mommymost memorable advice you’ve been given:
hold the camera still and frame the thing where you want it and oh, to take good care of pollyadvice you’d give starting or aspiring photographers:
hold the camera still, this is very importantfavorite color:
green and pink and brown and red.if you could eat only one thing:
pasta alfredo baby with extra cheese on itsomething you can’t live without:
wyken – my lovely bunnyon repeat from your headphones:
the lion sleeps tonight {by the tokens} and have you met miss. jones? {by robbie williams}what inspires you:
being outside makes me happy. that’s all.


photographer spotlight: jen altman

Jen Altman is one of those people who takes pictures that you just want to be a part of. I love the way she photographs life. her girls, her baking, her pearls… her attention to everyday life and detail is impeccable and her ability to capture each loving moment is beyond perfect. her recent projects include a monthly photo trade and the lovely book, For the Love of Light. her blog provides endless inspiration as well as her flickr stream and shop.
stay tuned this week for a *bonus* photographer spotlight!


what first sparked your interest in photography:
I have always loved photography and when I was young I remember being very careful about how I composed the composition through the viewfinder before shooting. I remember thinking how perfect everything had to be. I shot a lot of film when I was traveling in my 20s, but it was not until my daughters were born that I began to take the entire process a bit more seriously. Sometimes I feel like I should have been a historian – I think documentation is so important.what was your first camera:
My first camera that I remember buying myself was an Olympus IS200 35mm. I bought it to travel with and it took great photographs – it was a workhorse.favorite thing to photograph:
My girls of course, but I love still life and food photography and all that it implies – everything from harvest to table and the beauty of lifestyle pieces that can lead to the quietness of still life.
favorite artist/photographer:
I love my friend Nanako’s work – I love how she sees. And I love the work of Marcus Nilsson. I adore John Singer Sarent, Marc Chagall and Jim Dine.most memorable advice you’ve been given:
My photography mentor and dear friend once contacted a rather well known editorial photographer asking for advice about the industry – he told her point blank, put yourself out there. It is slowly becoming my mantra – it is such an intimidating and competitive industry when you look at it from an editorial and commercial standpoint. But where would you be if you never shared your work?advice you’d give starting or aspiring photographers:
Shoot, shoot, shoot. Challenge yourself to look at things differently, experiment and to pick up an old film camera so you can truly appreciate the fundamentals of the art.favorite color:
light.if you could eat only one thing:
Cheese. Mostly Italian.something you can’t live without:
My family and girlfriends. And Pecorino Sardo {the best cheese ever}, Rosebud Salve, film, chocolate-peanut-butter-banana milkshakes and my Kitchen-Aid mixer.on r
epeat from your headphones:

British Sea Power, Sleepy Rebels, The Republic Tigers, The Watson Twins, The Hush Sound and Teddy Thompson.what inspires you:
Oh goodness, I could go on forever – but right now I love the feel of water, the smell of the earth after a morning rain, the taste of crisp apples, the sound of the leaves dancing on the sidewalk and the vision of old films tinged with age and melancholy.


photographer spotlight: jeremy okai davis

today’s photographer spotlight is another artist from Portland. {we kind of rock, don’t we?} Jeremy Okai Davis is a super talented photographer and painter. I first met Jeremy and discovered his work while dlb was participating in Whiskerino last winter. Jeremy primarily shoots with film and has such a way with portraits and color. I have a serious urge to favorite all of his photos. check out his personal portfolio and his flickr stream for more inspiration.


what first sparked your interest in photography:
I think my initial interest in photography came about from looking at old photo albums my parents kept around the house. I’ve always been interested in capturing moments. I started taking it seriously in the last few years though.what was your first camera:
I don’t really remember but I know I used to steal my moms camera and take it with me in High School. She probably just ended up giving it to me. I think it was a Canon of some sort.favorite thing to photograph:
I usually just keep my camera on me and end up shooting my friends just hanging out and doing what we do…which is usually going to shows, out to eat or sitting around. I’ve recently been into taking pictures of food. You get such wonderful textures and colors and I can look at them when I get hungry and in turn satiate myself.favorite artist/photographer:
My favorite photographers are starting to become people on my flickr list. Two of those being Debbie Carlos an Kristen Heldmann. I’ve also always loved Andy Warhol’s photography. I always draw a blank when asked these questions. I guess I really just love photos on a case by case basis. Some people’s work shines brighter than others but my taste changes with the weather usually.most memorable advice you’ve been given:
“Never stop taking pictures.” – Devendra Banhart, after I shot a picture of him last year at Bumbershoot.advice you’d give starting or aspiring photographers:
Shoot a lot of pictures. Don’t be too selective at first. Figure out what grabs you by trial and error. I kept rolls in my camera for weeks at first trying to take the perfect shot and realized that the mistakes were what spawned the cooler shots I get. So, basically embrace happy accidents.favorite color:
I tend to float towards combos and those combos usually contain pastels…if you could eat only one thing:
Thai Foodsomething you can’t live without:
Painting supplies, my cameras and the ability to taste delicious treats.on repeat from your headphones:
The Avett Brothers are a constant.what inspires you:
Friends inspire me and Family. Forward thinkers and positive people. Day to day interactions with people and conversations. Also, the inter


monday, terrariums, and more!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! dlb and I built our first terrarium, of many I hope! we found the perfect vessel – a gallon sized Mason jar – and added a few plants and rocks. after keeping ourselves busy most of Friday night and Saturday, we spent the entire day Sunday relaxing. it rained all day. it was soft, drizzling rain that almost looked like snow. I spent the whole day in my lounge pants and didn’t leave the apartment once!
I got a lot of work done though. especially to my 2009 calendar, which I’ll debut this Sunday at Crafty Wonderland. I completely changed my mind about the direction of the calendar so I started from scratch yesterday. I made a big dent, but I’ve got lots to do and lots to prepare.
so, I’ll be in and out this week. I have a wonderful photographer set up for the spotlight on Wednesday as well as some etsy finds and new recipes for milk eggs chocolate.

until then, have a great week friends!


lazy rats

oh how I’m longing for a day like this.
these are my two lazy cats, or rats as we like to call them when they are bad, which is most of the time. so yes, these are my two lazy rats. dlb took this picture yesterday and it simply made my day.


I apologize to those of you who have written me emails lately with various questions about blogging, starting a business, illustration, etc. I do plan to sit down and go through them all, I just really haven’t had time to quite catch my breath.
in the meantime, Ez of the lovely blog, Creature Comforts, wrote a fantastic article today about getting started on blogging, which I’m sure some of you, looking for inspiration to start up that blog of your own, will surely enjoy! check it out article.


and if you’re wondering, there will be some photography spotlights hopefully starting back up next week. they may not be weekly as they have been previously, but I can assure you that they will be just as inspiring!!



hi friends!  I guess I took an intended blogging break without really saying so!  dlb and I took a trip to Idaho for the 4th of July.  it was a much needed break from reality.  I absolutely love visiting his parents home.  their house is so peaceful and so friendly… I could spend hours on that porch, listening to the birds chirping and the sounds of the wilderness with absolutely no sounds of civilization.  no busses, no cars, no screaming kids, no horns honking…. get my drift?  

absolute tranquility.  
we ate delicious food, chatted with family, watched fireworks, tromped through forests while mushroom picking, relaxed and spent time together.  it was a perfect weekend.  it’s funny how a weekend away can really make you loose yourself all together.  not frantically loosing yourself, but by being lost from everything.  forgetting responsibilities, if even for just a short while.  
but now, back to the real world.  the real world of routine, challenges, work, frustration, happiness, goals, and blogging.  :)  I’ve got some great things lined up for this week, including an all new photographer spotlight, fashion galore, etsy finds, and possibly a shop update.  
see you soon!