I got a bike!

I’ve been talking about getting a bike for so long now. The new place where dlb and I are living is just a short distance to my office and in a great location for walking or… bike riding!  after walking to work for almost two weeks now, I finally decided it was bike time.

over the weekend I test rode a Linus Mixte.  I fell in love with the 60′s French-inspired design, the smooth ride, and those leather handlebars. 

I wasn’t sure about the color choices but ultimately went with black, of course

I love it!

Once we brought it home, dlb and I quickly got our things together and set off for an afternoon bike ride. 

It was so warm yesterday! 

The sun felt great and it was so wonderful to ride! 

We headed to a restaurant in our neighborhood for beer & nachos {the perfect bike riding treat} and off we went for more riding until the sun went down.