I’m not sure when or where it first started but I’ve been seeing Butter London polish popping up in shops and on numerous blogs lately.  with all those gorgeous colors and the fact that it’s one of the “best natural polishes” out there, there’s no surprise why.

dlb has never been a fan of me wearing polish with all the chemicals and a mile-long list of harmful ingredients.  so last June when I was making plans to get a pedicure for our wedding, he directed me to Butter London. 

I quickly ordered two colors, Macbeth and Pink Ribbon, from the only online shop I could find carrying them at the time, Olivine.  they arrived shortly before our wedding {when I took these photos} then somehow I got too busy to post about them back then.  I wonder why? 😉

I love the polish, however as you may know, I’m not a big polish wearer at all so I don’t really have much to compare to.  regardless, I think it coats great, the colors are amazing and vibrant, it stays on for a good while and it’s “three-free”. 

According to this article from The Daily Green, “There is no nail polish that is TOTALLY natural but the best thing to look for in nail polish is one that is “Three-Free,” meaning free of toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DHB) and formaldehyde — all known carcinogenic ingredients.”

So there are my two cents!  and I’m quite enjoying adding pretty colors to some of my outfits posts to see how I could incorporate more polish into my life.  and speaking of outfits… I’m dreaming of a babymoon.