Sexting Tips That Will Drive Your Partner Crazy: Send The Hottest Sexts And Nudes

Away from your girlfriend or boyfriend, and want to have a good sexy time while you’re apart? Maybe you just met someone on a sexting app like SendNudes, or even a dating app like Tinder. Whatever the reason, you want to send the hottest messages and best nude pictures possible to really get their juices flowing. We’ve put together this guide to help you becoming a sexting master.

Tips For Turning Your Partner On Through Text

Tell them a fantasy.

Remember how you can’t wait to imagine yourself with someone when you first meet them? Well, let them imagine a scenario with you. Tell them a really hot scene in which you play a sexual role.

Some of the top fantasies include:

  • A hot bathroom scene.
  • The idea of you spanking them while they are tied up.
  • Watch porn with you, then have your first sex together.
  • Playing with themselves and the idea of you watching.
  • Using lube and toys.
  • In the shower.
  • In a public bathroom.
  • Having a threesome.

Ask them question.

Give your partner a hypothetical question about what they think your next move will be. And keep it sexy and sexy and sexy! Take turns asking questions like:

  • What would you do if I came in your mouth right now?
  • What do you fantasize about most?
  • What do you do in the shower?
  • What would you like to see me do?
  • I am wearing a very sexy bra and very low cut t-shirt. How would you like me to take it off?
  • Will you have me lick your feet?
  • Are you turned on?
  • Do you prefer being on top or bottom?

Keep it exciting.

This is very important, so be sure you’re always sending a little bit of tease. For example, be naughty by starting with a body part that you know is a turn on for them. But then, stop teasing and start sharing.

How To Take The Best Nude Selfies

To take the best nude photos that will make your partner turned on to the max, it’s important to keep in mind some basic photography tips.

  1. Get The Right Lighting.

Obviously, if you’re going to be in your underwear or naked, you want yourself to look as good as possible, so your lighting needs to be good. Make sure you’re in a room with good natural light. Using artificial light could be problematic, because it doesn’t really give your skin a good glow, unless you have special lighting made for photos and videos.

  1. Find The Perfect Pose.

If you’re in your room or a public place, there are a lot of options for you to choose from. You can sit in front of the mirror, which will work if you have a set up with a mirror. You can also lie down on your bed. If you’re in a public bathroom, you can stand there with your back to the wall. Make sure your sexy parts are prominent in the photo, or don’t if you want to tease your sexting partner.

  1. Choose Your Clothing Well.

It’s always a good idea to choose what you’re wearing with care. If you’re in your underwear, think about what you’re wearing. Are you wearing a thong or a bra? What do you like best about it? Is it sexy, but not too sexy? Do you want to show off your breasts or are you more into the idea of showing off your ass or tits?

  1. Share It With Your Partner.

Once you’re done taking your own photos, ask your partner to take a look. You may need to get their opinion on how you look or how you should pose. Then, send it off and see if they like it. If all went well, they’ll be horny and begging you for more.


Sexting is a huge part of dating these days, and most people will tell you that it’s a great way to have some fun. If you want to really make your partner turn on, and you want to start sending a lot of sexy messages and nudes, follow the tips you’ve just read.